In the Languedoc, a vineyard located in the heart of a natural setting in which thrives an ideal terroir for the elaboration of great wines.



IGP Pays d'Oc

Available vintage
2018 - 2019 - 2020

9,20 €
The 75cl bottle




AOC La Clape

Available vintage
2016 - 2017

15 €
The 75cl bottle

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A taste, A unique identity

The search for authenticity leads us to favour small yields in order to reveal the full essence of our terroir. Through a rigorous monitoring of the ripeness of the grapes, harvesting by plot and a single-varietal vinification, we elaborate precise, deep and elegant wines. A characteristic which can be seen in each cuvée and which makes the reputation of the wines signed Château de Figuières.


A terroir
With multiple expressions

The richness of our terroir offers a great variety of expressions. Depending on its location, from one plot to another, the same grape variety can reveal different tones. A subtle alchemy takes place at each harvest to give birth to generous wines that will express all their uniqueness over time.


An enchanting location

From the very first steps on the grounds of the Château de Figuières, you are struck by the beauty of this nature protected by the Clape massif. A true haven away from the world and its turmoil, surrounded by varied and spectacular landscapes. Here the vine has been flourishing for centuries, lulled by the wind and the garrigue’s fragrance.

From the vine to the glass, the search for excellence

Understanding, feeling, selecting the plots, knowing how to harvest at the right time... each step counts in the elaboration of great wines. The teams’ commitment in the elaboration of each cuvée makes it possible to obtain precise, deep, elegant and generous wines harvest after harvest.


A story of a passion

The vineyard traces its roots back to Roman times, when the rows of vines already occupied the Clape massif. It was in 2008 that the current owner, seduced by the site and the terroir, purchased Château de Figuières. After a long period of the vineyard makeover, the first cuvée emerged with the 2015 harvest. A path since marked by numerous awards.

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